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Pankaj Gupta

Others define your success, and you define your satisfaction – choose carefully what you want.


We always RISE by lifting others.


Connecting with people INSPIRES me.


My real wealth is in HELPING others.

About Me

Your Growth
is my Passion

A Co-Active Coach, a certified mBIT coach, an NLP practitioner, a mentor, a keynote speaker, and investment specialist who strongly endorses the fact that inspiring people should be one of the main core values of a successful individual. The more you inspire people, the more laurels you will achieve in your life, and the satisfaction is incredible.

With more than 25 years of experience working in different continents and learning every day, my realization is my Network is my Net Worth. I have expanded and achieved unprecedented results by using referral marketing and effective networking skills with highly skilled and influential individuals.

Coming from a family background of entrepreneurs, I hold pivotal roles in SMC (a regionally recognized brand in securities and commodities), Business Network International - BNI (the world's largest networking group present in more than 76 counties), and Corporate Connections, an organization that connects leaders across the world and empowers them to create opportunities and meaningful change.

I believe that learning is a lifelong process, and I always try to use my learnings to help others grow. I firmly believe – Success in not about what I have; it’s all about who remembers me in their success stories.

One must have set Values that guide them every day

My Values

We all have unique belief systems that guide us through our daily life. Here are mine:


Knowledge is the most valuable asset that will last forever. Learn something every day… It's a continuous journey.


If you want to be a leader, spend your life identifying and nurturing leaders..

Decision Making

An integral aspect of a happy life is to make big life decisions around pursuing passions, long-term career goals, and relationships.


The Ice on glorious Himalayas is lifeless; but when it melts it flows into rivers and nurture lives all around. Enjoy ice-breaking exercise, connect with people, and enjoy the power of networking.

The law of attraction:

We are all part of Universe; we attract what we speak to ourselves. Always be vigilante of your internal communication.

My Key to Success

Integrity, Accountability, Networking, Helping, Diligence, Perseverance, and Discipline.

Career Highlights

Success in Corporate Arena depends on your Skills - to influence people positively, to learn from people and to help others.

BNI is the largest Referral Marketing Organization in the world, present in more than 76 countries. Position: Executive Director for BNI Deira Dubai with seven chapters having 270+ members and growing. My Role: Spearheading Entrepreneurial growth through effective networking and referral generation initiatives.

Corporate Connection is a platform for owners who mutually benefit from each other's connections and help everyone grow. Position: Executive Director My Role:My primary responsibility is to bring awareness about Corporate Connections across UAE, initiating opportunities for this successful business people to come together and become a catalyst to change the lives around them.

SMC is a diversified financial services company offering brokerage & financial services in diverse asset classes. Position:Director My Role:Provide guidance to invest responsibly while keeping risk to a minimum.

I am grateful to BNI

BNI has taught me that your Network is your Net Worth.

My Blogs

Always Express Your Thoughts

My Better Half

The Woman
behind my Journey

My wife, Shalie Gupta, completes us as a family. She is the pillar of my success and plays a pivotal role in my work and the companies I handle.

An intelligent lady who is focused and is a reservoir of knowledge when I need the right advice. By many yards, she is an inspiration to all of us, and very little goes by without her notice – a perfect partner to have on your side.

“A happy man finds a true friend, and he becomes even happier if that true friend becomes his wife.”


Few Testimonies that Matter

Adriana Usvat

Managing Partner @ FLC Group - Marketing, Events, Digital, Models

I have known and worked with Pankaj for over 4 years now. He is a true professional, clear in explaining different options available and at the same time very transparent. He is the type of person you would want to work with when it comes to your investments.
I would definitely recommend Pankaj and SMC Comex to people who need assistance in managing their portfolios"

Muneer Samnani

NLP Trainer | Motivational Speaker | Success & Life Coach | Business Consultant

Have known Pankaj now for quite a few years. He is a life long learner and everything that he learns he implements it in his personal and professional life. A passionate Entrepreneur who is very fair in what he does. Always interested in the growth of his clients and give 100% in what he does.
I recommend Pankaj and SMC Comex to people who want to make Safe Investments. "

Chirantan Joshi

National Director Corporate Connections™ UAE, Director- Emovers, The Leather Doctor & Green Star Shipping

"I have known Pankaj for over 5 years. I have always found him very clear and transparent in setting the right expectations while dealing with SMC services. Pankaj is very reliable, and have seen him continuously upgrading himself.
The best thing about Pankaj is his ability to execute what he has learnt which is very unique."


Pursuing Networking has lead to my Success

The understanding of the ‘Givers Gain’ philosophy has transformed my life. BNI and Corporate Connection are now my lifelong learning platforms.

Consultation for Growth

Finance & Planning
both are vital

With over 25 years of experience in serving clients across three continents, I love to consult people with global and regional market trends, and invest responsibly while keeping risk to a minimum. Every Glittery Object Is Not Gold.


Helping someone…
defines my Purpose

At any point if I meet someone in stress, I look forward to coaching and mentoring them. My learnings are of no use, until I can make a diference in someones life, make the correct changes and make sure they will never feel lost again. Living by my learning of Givers Gain philosophy; this is my journey now.

All the coaching on Co-Active model of being and doing, using the NLP and mBraining techniques makes it possible to awaken someone from deep inside, and an awaken soul will never get lost.


My Mantra to Success




My Purpose

To identify and nurture new leaders, who can then nurture other leaders who live the life by the Philosophy of Givers Gain – World full of leaders.

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